Cozy rooms and apartments in Herøy - Helgeland coast
Det Romantiske Huset is a private little guesthouse that offers stay and accommodation in a quiet and cozy atmosphere. We want to be a cozy alternative to accommodation in hotels.
New apartments and double rooms by the sea, centrally located on Herøy, give you a comfortable base for experiencing the best of the Helgeland coast.
Stay in a cozy atmosphere at our Apartments.
The room with is facing southeast, with views to the east and the Seven Sisters. This is our smallest room and the room does not have a sea view. The room has a private balcony with sun in the morning and most of the day. Private bathroom with washing machine. Mini kitchen with fridge, hob and appliances. Beds made up. Open fast Wifi. The double room is 18m2 incl. Balcony



The double room "The cozy room" is to the east and the Seven Sisters. The cozy room has a starry sky which adds an extra romantic evening atmosphere. The double room has minimal sea views, but the room has its own balcony overlooking the sea to the northwest where the sunset can be experienced. Kitchen with refrigerator, stove and appliances. Private bathroom with washing machine. Beds made, open and fast wifi, internet radio and tv. The double room is 23 m2 including a balcony.


The mermaid's suite
The mermaid's suite has panoramic windows overlooking the sea. The junior suite has starry sky, king size bed, large TV, wifi, internet radio. Kitchen with dishwasher, refrigerator, stove and appliances. Cozy bathroom which also has starry sky, The room has fully equipped kitchen, but it is also possible to order a simple breakfast. The mermaid's suite is 36 m2 including a balcony and is ideal for two people who want memories of a special accommodation and high comfort.
The sea view
Electrically adjustable double bed with sea views directly towards the sunset, leather lounge, bathroom with large shower cubicle, spacious kitchen with double stove, air conditioning, central vacuum, TV, dimmable led lighting, premium sound system and much more. The sea view is fully on par with our best rooms and suites. When only the best is good enough - KABE Imperial 740 TDL King Size - produced in June 2021.
Det Romantiske Huset is located in Herøy - one of the most beautiful island communities on the Helgeland coast. The romantic house is a co-owner of the tourism company Ut i Øyan.

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